I would like to introduce you to my business, Kaleidoscope Custom Creations, LLC.   

I started Kaleidoscope Custom Creations, LLC in October 2020 with the idea of creating personalized meaningful gifts that are reasonably priced.  I have always loved crafts and have loved being able to help others create a perfect gift.

Business clients. I would love to work with your business to provide custom products for you to offer your customers or as employee appreciation gifts. I can provide complimentary samples to show you what I can offer, so you can see the quality of the products in-person.  If this sounds interesting to you, then I would just need to obtain a digital copy of your logo or any other designs you might have in mind, as well as colors that you would like to use.  Once I create the samples for you, I will be in contact to set up an in-person meeting or ship them out to you.

Fundraising opportunities. I offer unique fundraising opportunities for your club or organization. I will provide the flyers and order forms. We will discuss what item/s you would like to offer and the design options. Your club or organization will receive a portion of the sales back toward your cause. You will have a set amount of time to sell the items. I will then process the orders and get everything out to you for delivery. Contact me for more infomation!

At Kaleidoscope Custom Creations, LLC we deliver outstanding results across 2 key business areas: custom tumblers and laser cutting/engraving.

Let’s create something together.