We offer two products for fundraisers. Choose from a variety of tumber styles in one or two colors or cake pans with engraved lids.

For the tumblers, we can put your school or organization logo on it. If you choose to let each person personalize a tumbler, we can do that for a small extra fee. For the cake pan, you can choose one or two designs to offer and then we will just switch out the family name for each lid.

Our fundraiser earns you $6 on every tumbler or cake pan sale!

The easiest fundraiser you’ll ever do! No cost, no minimum, no junk, no brainer!

What we do:

  • Create a custom flyer and order forms for you.
  • Provide awesome insulated tumblers or powder coated aluminum cake pan.
  • Fast, personalized engraving on every order.
  • Write check to your organization.

What you do:

  • Use the materials we provide.
  • Spread the word and gather orders.
  • Collect the check at the end of the fundraiser.

Other ways your organization can benefit:

  • Refer other groups and earn $1 on every tumbler/cake pan they sell!

It really is that easy. Contact me today!